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Spy RF Bug Detector
  • Spy RF Bug Detector

Spy RF Bug Detector

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Spy RF Bug Detector

2 in 1 function and slim portable design

Wired/Wireless hidden camera & bug detection

Hidden camera lens detection

Wireless signals detection include

Wireless camera & Listening device

Mini portable pocket sized



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Spy RF Bug Detector Overview:

This RF Bug Detector is for personal privacy protection. The bug camera detector included help assist in sweeping the

unauthorized surveillance devices, that could be invading your private space at home and office, or during travel and shopping,etc.

Not only it can detect hidden cameras by 4 different frequency infrared LEDs, but also the wireles signals(GSM:2.4G-4G and Wi-Fi:2.4Ghz);

As well, it Alarm by vibration or buzzer. Let illegal devices have nowhere to hide, to protects your privacy anytime anywhere!

Small size ad easy to carry in handbag, key chain, suitcase or briefcase. It is a travel and accommadation hotel in a bag, carry it with you.


Detect hidden cameras

Detect wireless signals (GSM:2.4G-4G and Wi-Fi:2.4Ghz)

Detect listening devices

Mini portable pocket sized

Lightweight battery powered

Professional detection device, high sensitivity

Battery-Operated and Portable

Ultra-bright Powerful IR LED lights


Wireless signals detect:(GSM:2.4G-4G and Wi-Fi:2.4Ghz)

Signal strength indicator: 7-level LED to show 7 signals strength levels

Hidden camera detector strength: 4 levels

Battery capacity: 950mAh

Charging time: About 5 hours

Power consumption of Mode 1: 20mA

Power consumption of Mode 2: 50mA

Battery life of Mode 1: About 40 hours

Battery life of Mode 2: About 16 hours

Packing list:

1 x Spy RF bug detector

1 x User manual

1 x USB cable

1 x Test lens

Product size:2.4*1.5*12.3(CM)

Color box Size:13.5*9.7*2.5(CM)

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